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Black Obsidian Infused Sandalwood and Mugwort Healing Candle


Look Within

  • "Look Within" is a new Moonstone Chandlery Signature Healing Candle that encourages development of intuition, inner wisdom and the opening of the third eye chakra.  Infused with Sandalwood essential oil, Black Obsidian crystals and Mugwort, this candle holds the intention of enlightenment of the spirit through self discovery.

    This candle's spiritual aroma is a complex blend of essential oils starring Sandalwood, known for enhancing spiritual connection and deepening meditation. Sandalwood has long been associated with the sacred and has a special constituent called sesquiterpenes which directly stimulates the pineal gland, opening one to higher states of awareness. Aligning with sandalwood essential oil and using it to attune with the vibration of universal connection, we can open our senses to a world of enlightenment and authentic living.

    Black Obsidian encourages self reflection and stimulates psychic vision.  It is also a deep soul cleanser, that can help bring out any negative emotions of the past that you may have buried deep within. This mirror action of drawing out and releasing your inner shadow world will facilitate a faster and more powerful healing process. Obsidian crystals bring out your intuition, that wise inner voice that somehow always knows the right thing to do.

    Mugwort is a spiritually powerful herb, a stirrer of visions and an opener of portals. It heightens our extrasensory perception while simultaneously dropping us deep into our center. Used in shamanic practices, mugwort is known to purify and sanctify spaces, allowing one to create a sacred space for deep spiritual work. 

    May "Look Within" assist you with accessing deeper levels of healing, and higher states of being. 

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