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Tiger's Eye and Red Agate Infused Fig Healing Candle

Reap Harvest (Pre-Order ships by 9/16)

SKU: 217537123517253
  • "Reap Harvest" is a Tiger's Eye and Red Agate infused healing candle made with Fig essential oil and Cinnamon. "Reap Harvest" is especially designed to support prosperity and abundance in the spirit of thankfulness for Fall blessings. This candle encompasses the healing powers of essential oils, herbs and crystals all in one product.  


    This handmade candle is made with 100% US Grown soy wax, completely dye-free, phthalate free and infused with Fig essential oil, hand-grated cinnamon and Tiger's eye and Red Agate crystals. It's natural ingredients are non-toxic when burned, unlike paraffin wax candles with chemical scents and dyes.


    Each candle is presented in a sleek 12oz. cube vase.  It is also available in a 4 oz. lightweight mini tin, which is carry on flight approved and perfect for travel! Your candle has been reiki charged during mediation to intensify its healing properties.

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