Citrine Infused Oakmoss and Basil Healing Candle

Stand Up

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  • The "Stand Up"  Healing Candle is especially designed to support personal power, vitality and manifestation.  I wanted to create a candle with natural elements that would encompass the healing powers of essential oils, herbs and crystals all in one product.  


    This handmade candle is made with 100% US Grown soy wax, completely dye-free, phthalate free and infused with oakmoss essential oil, dried basil and citrine crystals. It's natural ingredients are non-toxic when burned, unlike paraffin wax candles with chemical scents and dyes.


    Each candle is presented in a sleek 8oz. glass jar with lid.  It is also available in a 4 oz. lightweight mini tin, which is carry on flight approved and perfect for travel! Your candle has been reiki charged during mediation to intensify its healing properties.