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Finding Your Center

How have you been holding up these days? I certainly hope you are all thriving, learning, and creating powerfully in this new world. I am weathering the ebb and flow of this transformational age, discovering more facets of self, others, and this existence with each passing moment.

It feels like a life "bootcamp" of sorts. One where the tests appear daily, time matters less than the task, and determination and focus are key. Lessons, ideas, and new information downloads are coming in faster. Muscles I didn't even know I had are strengthening, and sometimes it can be hard to even recognize the evolving self.

Nevertheless, I feel gratitude more deeply than ever, I listen and watch more closely and have realized a greater sense of purpose since the change began. I feel confident that these sharpened senses will come in handy when we re-emerge into society. As we all ascend and expand, it is important to maintain a safe space within our bodies, grounding our thoughts, emotions, and energy.

“Within you, there’s a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself.” – Hermann Hesse

Grounding brings you back to the here-and-now and is very helpful in managing the racing mind, overwhelming feelings, or anxiety. Here are some simple ways to ground and access your center daily: