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Abundance is Our Birthright

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

When most think of abundance, they immediately think of financial wealth. In order to have our needs met, money is indeed a necessity, but there are so many other ways to be wealthy in this life. Energy is the spiritual currency that allows one to fulfill their basic needs, as well as their dreams and desires. I wish to explore different ways to be "wealthy" and the true meaning of abundant living.



Our families, friendships, and acquaintances can greatly effect our social and emotional health, as well as shape our ideas and belief systems over time. In a time where we are experiencing extreme energetic shifts, it is imperative to properly manage and nurture these relationships so they can serve the highest good of everyone involved.

I've learned that the idea of "toxic people" is toxic in itself; everyone will mirror your shadow back to you at some point in a relationship. This must happen to achieve growth. If "we all just got along", this evolution of self is impeded. Instead of instantly rejecting those whose energy is difficult for us to accept, there are ways to reform and reimagine our connections to others. We regain our strength when we ask: "What is this relationship trying to teach me?" instead of "How could this person do this to me?"

Although this is a very difficult concept to employ at times, this allows us to take a step back and re-evaluate our relationships. Then we can reclaim our power and decide on what space the individual can take in our lives, even if that's merely the lesson itself.

Requiring quality relationships and interactions with others frames our energy in a space of self-sovereignty. It eradicates the presence of victimhood and fosters a conducive environment for positive relationships to develop and thrive. These connections support abundance through resources and guidance, because nobody can do it all alone.



Living our best lives requires our optimal health. Although this may look different for everyone, we need to give our bodies the best chance at supporting our life experiences. Learning to listen to your body and responding with compassionate care will allow you to recognize and encourage a healthy state of being.

Eating clean is one of the best ways to properly nourish our bodies. I have personally also found that daily intermittent fasting and eating for my blood type has helped me to maintain proper functioning of my immune system and metabolism. Whatever dieting/lifestyle methods you choose, your body's responses are the best gauge to determine what will work for you. Take note of how you feel upon rising, exercising, or resting, how certain foods make you feel, etc. Paying attention to the unique details of your relationship with food sets the stage for a healthy one.

In a sleep deprived nation, we must accept that rest is also vital to our healing. As a wife, mother, educator, and entrepreneur, this proves to be my biggest struggle. We must learn to rest when the body says it needs to recharge.

Pushing ourselves to the finish line will only result in a breakdown in functioning at a later time. It's ok to turn down that outing, say no to the opportunity, or take a day to do absolutely nothing. Your body will thank you for it.



"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it." – Stephen R. Covey.

It's easy to say that we are running out of time, or we just don't have the time. Yet, all we do have right now is time. The time of today, of this very moment to choose what we shall do. Abundance doesn't always show up in the longest lives, instead it appears when the right decisions are made at the right times.

As I get older, I'm beginning to see time differently. Desiring quality experiences, relationships, and optimal health leads me to invest my time and attention more wisely. The saying, "Where attention goes, energy flows" rings more true these days. Creating time to tend to my life with responsibility and eagerness will allow me to align with the abundance that is my birthright.

It is my ultimate wish that we all receive what is ready and waiting for us to claim; a life rich and full with abundance far beyond what money can bring. This fall, let's usher in what we deserve, showing thankfulness for it all.

With gratitude,


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