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Vibrate Higher

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The impending end of summer always puts me in a slight funk. Just the idea of ripping Chicago winds and snow creates a profound anxiety. Once I'm settled into Fall or Winter, I always end up loving it, but right now I can't see much beyond the end of sunny beach days, alfresco dining, outdoor festivals, etc. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that experiences this, that it must be irrational to fear something that you know is coming. Yet, that's exactly what anxiety is: FEAR, no matter it's origin or circumstances.

Anxiety is a real, never-ending battle for many, including myself. Everything we experience, including emotions, holds a frequency. Energetically speaking, fear is known to hold a low vibration, as love resonates much higher.

The ebbs and flows of our emotions are a necessary part of our humanity. Trouble begins when a low emotional frequency lingers and create blockages in our delicate energetic body housed throughout our chakras. Luckily, we have tools and solutions to remedy this. Here are a few ways to quickly raise your vibration so you can maintain optimal energetic health: