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Fall for FIGS!

When autumn rolls around, apples and pumpkins immediately come to everyone's mind. Did you know that as summer comes to a close and fall gets going, we find ourselves in the thick of fig season? Let's rediscover this rich ancient delicacy and its magic together this Fall! Ficus religiosa, or the fig tree is perhaps one of the oldest plants on the planet, (approx. 80 million years old) originating in Africa, the very cradle of life itself. The fig tree is the third tree to be mentioned in the Bible, and throughout the scriptures, the plant becomes a symbol of prosperity, abundance, wellbeing, and security. In ancient Egypt it symbolizes fertility. The leaf suggesting the male: the fruit, the female. Buddha found enlightenment under a fig (Bodhi) tree after meditating for 49 days. No other plants have held such sway over human imagination. They feature in every major religion and have influenced kings and queens, scientists and soldiers. Figs sustain more species of wildlife than any other kinds of fruit. The year-round presence of ripe figs would have helped sustain our early human ancestors. Aside from being sweet and tasty, they are also a very nutrient dense food jam packed with potassium, magnesium, calcium, and fiber. In addition to nutritional benefits, figs possess some powerful healing properties. A famous example of the healing power of figs appears in the Bible. Hezekiah, King of Judah, was "sick even to death" with a plague of boils but recovered after his servants applied a paste of crushed figs to his skin. The healing power of fig species is not limited to their fruit. Medicines developed over millennia by people throughout the tropics make use of their bark, leaves, roots and latex. Scientific studies show that compounds in the fig leaves, bark and fruit are effective against bacteria, parasites and tumors. These antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial and antifungal effects make them tremendous immune system boosters.

The fig has played roles in human evolution and the dawn of civilization. These trees have not only witnessed history; they have shaped it. If we play it right, they could even enrich our future. Introducing "Reap Harvest", Moonstone Chandlery's Limited Edition Fall Healing Candle. Made with luscious fig essential oil, this candle encourages a state of gratitude for abundant blessings. To amplify these intentions, "Reap Harvest" is infused with Tiger's Eye, a must-have if you’re looking for balance and harmony in your life. Representing abundance and prosperity, tigers eye can give you the courage and strength to go after your desires without self-doubt. It’s also a stone of good fortune. It can be very helpful if you’re looking to increase your wealth, or create more opportunities for growth or expansion. Tigers eye is a healer of the sacral and root chakras, promoting harmonious balanced action to create a prosperous life.

"Reap Harvest" is also infused with Red Agate, a stone that supports security and safety. Red Agate is a protection stone. It shields the wearer from negative energies and helps get rid of fear and anxiety. This gemstone is very calming; it helps to balance the root chakra and allows you to stay grounded during stressful or emotional times. This special pairing of crystals helps this candle to emanate the safe, warm, cozy, harmonious feeling we all crave during Fall. To top things off, I'll be dusting this candle with hand grated pure cinnamon stick. Cinnamon has long been used for protection and prospertity intention work. Harnessing the fire element, cinnamon possesses an intensity that wields pure raw power. It can be burned as incense to sanctify an area or object, and its aroma can draw love, financial blessings, and abundance in all forms. The physical body can benefit from cinnamon's ability to soothe digestive issues and spark the libido. I am so very excited to share this Limited Edition Healing Candle with you this Fall! It's presented in a sleek 12oz double wicked square vase with Limited Edition packaging for an extra special touch. You've sown your seeds and tilled the soil, now your hard work shall pay off. You can sink into the comfort of abundant blessings and a prosperous life. Seated in thankfulness and harmony with others, it's time to Reap Harvest! Available this Saturday, September 15th on Etsy and at the Hyde Park Handmade Bazaar (The Promontory) if you get a chance to stop by!

With love and gratitude, Maureen.

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