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Healer, Heal Thyself

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Healer; The one that heals. Physician, Shaman, Therapist, Doctor, Mender, Curer, Homeopath, Naturopath, Witch Doctor, Medicine Man.

At their core, a healer is a channeler and a conduit of energy. They perform their talents and utilize their gifts for the betterment of others. They rely heavily on knowledge coupled with strong intuition to do so.

The one who heals may not necessarily hold specialized degrees and certifications or consider themselves to be a healer. Nevertheless, they embody the same energy when needed.

Parents, teachers, nurses, counselors, artists, etc. are some of the most healing individuals on the planet. They know what to do or say at the right times. Their instincts are quick, they are adaptable, and are full of compassion.

There are many misconceptions about a healer's role. Although giving is the basis of their work, they should not neglect their own needs. They may find this difficult, as society may expect them to always be available to give.

The sister Iyanla Vanzant proclaims, "You can't give from an empty cup!" As an energy healer, I don't assume this role as a sacrificial one. I'm nobody's martyr or savior.

Ultimately, I do my divine work to help create a world I wish to live in. When you heal, I heal.

Therefore, I'm constantly searching for ways to fill my own cup so I can continue this work.

In the trending age of self care, (which is mostly marketed towards women) I struggled to find appropriate remedies to restore my energy. We are bombarded with ads for skincare, bath and beauty products that will lead you to believe that a trip to the salon for a mani-pedi will cure our ails. (Although, I'm always down for a good spa day:)

I needed something deeper, more profound.

Something that would support the intense work I perform with reiki and energy healing services. I specifically wanted self care that would extend beyond my physical body or outward appearance, something that would restore my subtle energetic body and heal the spaces that surround me.

Therefore, I created my products first to heal myself, and it quickly became obvious that I was meant to share them with others too. I am grateful that Moonstone Chandlery® has helped to heal energy and spaces for so many. With a new offering, I wish to honor those like myself who have chosen to accept the life path of a healer.

Introducing "Healer's Paradise", curated kits designed for healers by Moonstone Chandlery®. Complete with our Crystal Infused Healing Candles, Smudge Sprays, Smudge Bundles and Hand Curated Crystals, these kits provide a radical self care experience for those who give.

Available in two variations, Signature and Custom, the Signature Healer's Paradise is designed for those who would like to self-curate their experience, choosing their faves from our Signature Line of products.

The Custom version is the ultimate healing experience fully curated by myself. I will create custom products for one's specific needs, after a personal energy consultation. To fully enhance the experience, the client will also receive a Distance Reiki Treatment.

I'm so excited to offer this new addition to the product line, and support my fellow healers! We must keep our cups overflowing so we can continue our mission! If you want to thank your favorite healer, "Healer's Paradise" would be a thoughtful gift!

"Healer, heal thyself" - Luke 4:23

With love and gratitude,


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