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Come Together

In my search for inspiration to create a Winter Limited Edition Candle, I pondered the question: "What would my ideal holiday season look like?" Every year, we scramble in freezing temps to find ways to make each other "happy". Whether it's through emptying the bank account for gifts, decorating the house, gathering and preparing food, setting the perfect table, or rushing to be on time for a family gathering; we can all agree that the holidays bear an immense amount of stress. In addition, we have to face the family members that may not be our faves, probing at our life decisions until we wished we would've just disappeared into a heated blanket on the couch with a hot toddy. Days are shorter, and depression is lurking for many.

To answer my question, my ideal holiday season would look stress free, boundless, and organic. A medley of gifting from my heart and hands, cooking when I feel the urge and crave specific flavors, and falling deep into creative projects four hours on end. Hot cocoa by the fireplace, flannel pajamas and slipper socks complement a downtempo playlist. Casual, spontaneous visits from friends and family just few at a time, to share some laughs, an episode or a cocktail. All of these things seem like a perfect fit for the season, yet I always fall into the trap of keeping up with all of the activities and demands.

This season, I choose to only allow quality experiences, interactions and relationships to prevail. I'm sinking in deep to get cozy, steal quiet moments, eat and rest well. I'll connect with