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Look Within

How is everyone holding up? We've survived 9 months of a global pandemic, civil unrest and natural disasters. Life has changed drastically, and we've had to pivot and adapt to thrive in this new world. One major theme that keeps presenting itself is the idea of freedom; what it means to us and how to protect it.

Personally, I have always struggled with the idea of societal structures and how they can seem to restrict us as spiritual beings. Those grips have tightened immensely in recent months, and I find myself redefining freedom and how to maintain it. Freedom of thought, movement, speech and choice is what feeds us as individuals. It strengthens our confidence and self assurance. It allows us to distinguish ourselves as separate entities while establishing a culture of diversity and inclusion within greater society.

We have shifted to a space where work, travel, socialization, education, and access to vital resources is heavily regulated and restricted by governing bodies. Yet, it always has been. It's just heightened and exposed now.

As spiritually sovereign beings, there is a limit to how much a government or any external entity can exert control over an individual.

During these times, I have learned to reclaim my freedom by looking within, rather than focusing on outward conditions. We are entitled to our own thoughts, beliefs and decisions. There are so many things we can develop right now that are governed only by us, including cultivating peace of mind through choosing to operate in love instead of fear.