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Look Within

How is everyone holding up? We've survived 9 months of a global pandemic, civil unrest and natural disasters. Life has changed drastically, and we've had to pivot and adapt to thrive in this new world. One major theme that keeps presenting itself is the idea of freedom; what it means to us and how to protect it.

Personally, I have always struggled with the idea of societal structures and how they can seem to restrict us as spiritual beings. Those grips have tightened immensely in recent months, and I find myself redefining freedom and how to maintain it. Freedom of thought, movement, speech and choice is what feeds us as individuals. It strengthens our confidence and self assurance. It allows us to distinguish ourselves as separate entities while establishing a culture of diversity and inclusion within greater society.

We have shifted to a space where work, travel, socialization, education, and access to vital resources is heavily regulated and restricted by governing bodies. Yet, it always has been. It's just heightened and exposed now.

As spiritually sovereign beings, there is a limit to how much a government or any external entity can exert control over an individual.

During these times, I have learned to reclaim my freedom by looking within, rather than focusing on outward conditions. We are entitled to our own thoughts, beliefs and decisions. There are so many things we can develop right now that are governed only by us, including cultivating peace of mind through choosing to operate in love instead of fear.

We look within by accessing our inner world through prayer, meditation and movement. We quiet the noise and create space in our daily lives to tap into our truest being. Here we hear the voice of the higher self and its gift of intuition.

We learn that the only way out is in. We accept that we are eternally free.

I am so excited to present to you my newest Signature Healing Candle, "Look Within". This creation took over a year to develop, as I searched for the most powerful combination of essential oils, herbs and crystals to foster deep meditation and access to the inner spiritual realms.

"Look Within" encourages development of intuition, inner wisdom and the opening of the third eye chakra.  Infused with Sandalwood essential oil, black obsidian crystals and mugwort, this candle holds the intention of enlightenment of the spirit through self discovery.

It's stimulating scent is a complex blend of essential oils including Sandalwood, known for enhancing spiritual connection and deepening mediation. Sandalwood has long been associated with the sacred and has a special constituent called sesquiterpenes which directly stimulates the pineal gland, opening one to higher states of awareness. Aligning with sandalwood essential oil and using it to attune with the vibration of universal connection, we can open our senses to a world of enlightenment and authentic living.

Black Obsidian encourages self reflection and stimulates psychic vision.  It is also a deep soul cleanser, that can help bring out any negative emotions of the past that you may have buried deep within. This mirror action of drawing out and releasing your inner shadow world will facilitate a faster and more powerful healing process.

Obsidian crystals bring out your intuition, that wise inner voice that somehow always knows the right thing to do.

Mugwort is a spiritually powerful herb, a stirrer of visions and an opener of portals. It heightens our extrasensory perception while simultaneously dropping us deep into our center. Used in shamanic practices, mugwort is known to purify and sanctify spaces, allowing one to create a sacred space for deep spiritual work. 

May "Look Within" assist you with accessing deeper levels of healing, and higher states of being. 

With Gratitude,


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