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Defining Your Rituals

What brings you to your center?

Each of us requires a divinely unique combination of practices to maintain our spiritual wellness. Whether it involves a spiritual bath, meditation, or lighting a candle with intention, any or all of these practices will spark dynamic changes in your life if done consistently.

It is a vital component of the healing journey to define which practices resonate deeply with you, to begin to cultivate your highest existence.


My path to this realization came through much trial and understanding. Early in my healing journey, I employed a try it all approach based upon several established systems complete with rules and specific steps for each ritual. It became exhausting- remembering to say these words, use these materials, at this exact time lost its luster quickly. I needed to feel my way through spiritual practice.

The rigidity of these rituals mimicked the structures I had run away from in the traditional sector.

Instead, I adopted a freeing eclectic model rooted in individual feeling. I began to record in my journal how each practice made me feel: enlightened, scared, soothed, empowered, etc. This helped me to pinpoint which activities align with my true essence at that exact point in my journey, and which ones were better suited for someone else.

Knowing yourself is a foolproof way to guide your practice. Being in alignment with your elemental energy also helps to strengthen and empower your spiritual work. Use your natal chart information as a starting point. For example, a water sign may feel the most supported when practicing the art of spiritual baths, a fire sign with candle magic, etc.

I found that working in tandem with my own energetic makeup allowed ease and comfort in my ritual practice, it was no longer more work to do, but just a way to be.


I encourage you to intentionally discover what spiritual practices bring you back to your center, your highest self. There is no wrong way to do this. Try a ritual, follow the steps, then write down how it all made you feel. Then use this information to cultivate your own rituals made up of a plethora of practices that speak to you. Revise and repeat. This journey is malleable, adaptable and ever evolving. Don't let anyone tell you you're doing it wrong, just keep going, being, and growing.

With love,


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