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Spring Forth

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Today marks the Spring Equinox, or the first official day of Spring! We have patiently waited for relief from short dreary days with cooler temps and limited sunlight. Now that our wait is over, let's find ways to be grateful for the change, shed these stagnant Winter layers, and savor Spring like we never have before!

Along with this year's Spring Equinox, we have been gifted with a full moon in Libra, the last supermoon of the year! Full moons have an intense amount of energy. We can utilize this energy to release what no longer serves us with ease and divine guidance. This allows us to welcome in new blessings! Here's a Springtime revamped simple ritual I use to take full advantage of the power of the full moon:

Maureen's Spring Equinox Full Moon Ritual

You will need: