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Intentional Table Setting

Happy Holidays! As we begin preparing for home gatherings, lets explore ways to create an environment conducive to harmonious feasting, good conversation, and free flowing energy. Here are a few tips to elevate your Holiday table from simply pretty to intentionally positive!



Gather elements with meaning and purpose. Start collecting seasonal items with symbolic value and beneficial energetic properties to carefully place on your dining table. (This doesn't have to be expensive at all!) I love a natural mix of earth and fire elements, for they express abundance and self expression. This encourages spirited discussions with a harmonious tone.

For the upcoming Winter holidays, live elements such as cedar or pine branches, pinecones and holly berries enrich Winter tones and delight the senses in preparation for the feast. These items are grounding in nature, as they all are fruits of the Earth. This creates a sense of security and safety that lends to calmness and banishment of worry.

Incorporating specific crystals including high vibrating selenite and transmuting black tourmaline can also be strategically placed on the table and around the room for extra energy support. Lit candles of all shapes and sizes activate the collection of items to bring cohesiveness and amplified energy to the table.



To energetically cleanse your space, a smudging ritual is optimal. As you burn sacred herbs, verbally bless the space, clearing stagnant or negative energy. Follow up with the burning of Palo Santo, incense, sweetgrass or floral to invite the ancestors and guides into your space, giving much attention to transitioned family members whom once had a seat at the table.

Another great practice before hosting a gathering is a good floor sweep and mop, especially with a store bought or homemade "Florida Water". Aromas of steeped herbs, florals, and essential oils including lemon and pine are deeply cleansing and can uplift the spirit to a state of cheerfulness.



Assemble your gathered elements, including linens and dinnerware on the table in a manner that allows energy to flow freely. Use clear spaces wisely, and imagine the movement and conversations you would like to witness during your event. These visualizations solidify intent, and allow your intuition to guide your arrangement. There is no right or wrong way to do this (although I am a sucker for formal dinner place setting etiquette). As the host, you set the tone for the gathering you desire.

Once, the table design is complete, I like to formally "seal" my intent by lighting the candles in the room and on the table, representing a culmination of the working ritual. Then, I pour myself a hearty glass of wine to enjoy as guests arrive. (because self-care is a must!)

Our Winter Limited Edition Candle, "Come Together" is a cheerful blend of citrus, pine and vanilla essential oils with pyrite and fluorite crystals for a harmonious holiday gathering. It's the perfect addition to your dining table or party space!


Hosting is hard work, so make sure you take these extra moments to set the intention of your gathering space. No holiday drama is allowed! Cheers to joy, feasting and merriment!

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