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Sacred Spaces

We are all deserving of a space, that is designated for our self healing and spiritual practice. Limitations and challenges can make establishing these spaces difficult, but with a little creativity and resourcefulness, we can create the perfect sacred space to meet our individual needs. Here are a few essentials to get you started!

Establish Your Personal Altar

A table of any size (an IKEA end table will do just fine) is necessary for displaying items close to your heart. Whatever your spiritual practices, allow yourself a special surface to hold symbolic items such as: statues, crystals, candles, tokens, flowers, etc. Arrange and dress it however you wish, using meaningful fabrics and elements that may change with the lunar cycle, religious holidays, the season or your mood. In my personal practice, I create an intuitive crystal grid with a corresponding candle for every new moon. The chosen crystals and handmade candle support my desired intention that I wish to manifest for the full moon.

If space allows, add some simple shelving to hold additional items to revisit including books, a journal, plants, etc. Add a simple yoga mat and/or floor cushion for comfortable seating for meditation. Individualism is key here. What is meaningful to you is all that matters, so include whatever tools assist you in connecting with your higher self.

Set Intention

Once the space is established, set the energy with intention. To initially clear the energy, smudge with white sage or a mixture of sacred herbs. Speak blessings

over the space as you smudge. A favorite mantra of mine is: "Smoke of air and fire of earth, bless and cleanse this home and hearth. Drive away all harm and fear, so only good may enter here." To complete the smudging ritual, burn palo santo, or incense to invite your spirit guides and ancestors back into the space.

Once cleared, set the desired intention of the altar space through meditation or ritual. Allow yourself time to sit in meditation with the intentions you have set and record them in a dated journal entry. This is a great time to program any crystals you have placed on your altar, to speak additional mantras, or practice sound healing with a singing bowl or music containing healing frequencies.

Visit Often

Allow yourself times to visit your personal sacred space to meditate, pray and reflect as frequently as possible. It’s also important to use the space for reading, journal writing, and ritual. Even a five minute visit each day will help to reprogram the mind for peace and clarity.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we can greatly benefit from a space in our homes that is designed to honor our higher selves. No matter how big or small, a sacred space can create a huge impact on any mindfulness practice. May your spaces be blessed!

With gratitude,


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1 Comment

Fly Kelly
Fly Kelly
Jun 27, 2019

Thank you soooooo much for this reminder to “sanctify” a part of our lives to hold space for the sacred!

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